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Johnathan Christmas 2008

Page history last edited by Johnathan Nightingale 12 years, 11 months ago

Johnathan's Christmas List 2008


(Amy's list is over here)



I've marked in bold the ones I've been most keen to get a copy of, but all of them represent some smart person thinking a lot about a subject that interests me, and would therefore be awesome to have.


  • Locks, Safes and Security - 0398070792
  • Normal accidents - Perrow
  • The universal history of numbers - georges ifrah
  • Crows - Candace Savage
  • Jonathan Strane & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke
  • Envisioning Information - Edward Tufte
  • Hacking - Jon Erickson
  • Propaganda Analysis - Alexander George
  • Off the Books - Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh
  • Chemical Warfare - Secrets almost forgotten - Ketchum
  • It must have been something I ate - Jeffrey Steingarten
  • Con Ed - Matthew Klein 0446579556
  • The Lucifer Effect - Zimbardo
  • She's Such a Geek - Newitz, Anders
  • Small Pieces Loosely Joined
  • Everything is miscellaneous
  • Pro javascript techniques - Resig
  • The manipulation of human behavior - biderman & zimmer (1961 out of print)
  • Diamond Geezers - Hollington 1843171228
  • The taste of conquest - michael krondl
  • Complications - Gawande
  • Monopoly Companion - Philip Orbanes
  • Competing for the Future - Hamel, Prahalad
  • Bowling Alone - Putnam
  • London: The Biography - Ackroyd
  • The Botanist and the Vintner - Campbell
  • On writing well - William Zinsser
  • Mycelium Running - Stamets
  • Transportation security - Bragdon
  • The 4-hour workweek
  • Best of 2600 - Goldstein
  • Understanding Exposure - Peterson
  • Remix - Lawrence Lessig
  • The Clock of the Long Now - Brand



  • Cuff Links - Cuff Links are intensely personal so I guess maybe I should just buy my own. But I haven't bought my own, so this is more of a desperate attempt to acquire some, ANY cufflinks.
  • Dark Socks - I perpetually wear through them and need more. Dark colours so that I can dress them up or down, size 7-10 so that they don't send the heel halfway up my ankle like the 10-13 ones do.
  • Dress Shirts - (16 1/2 collar, 36/37 sleeves)
  • White, Crew neck, 100% Cotton Undershirts - I could use 3-6 more plain white undershirts.  Size L, probably, unless the L looks really small.  I'd prefer all cotton though, the cotton-polyester ones tend to pill, and are scratchy.



  • Home Brewing Kit - Still very keen to try out making my own beers - a kit to get me started would be awesome.
  • Shaving Mug with Lid - Mugs don't typically have lids but a shaving mug should, so that the moisture in the shaving soap doesn't evaporate. I am using a non-lidded mug right now with the predictable less-than-optimal results.
  • Bedside Water Jug & Tumbler - The problem with bringing a glass of water to bed is that it gets 8 hours of dust in it by the time you wake up and want a drink. Which is why people have designed things like this, that have a tumbler which also acts as a lid.
  • Valet - I don't need a jewellery box - I am not quite that flowery. But I do have Collar Stays, Extra buttons, Tie Pins, and other such tomfoolery that would benefit from some kind of wooden storage mechanism.
  • Good Tequila - I've been finding myself interested in Tequila lately, and would love some more bottles to try. I already have Don Julio Blanco and Don Julio Anejo, but if you find any Cabo Wabo, or Patron, or other fun things, I would delight in them (and possibly share).
  • A Better Alarm Clock Radio - My current alarm clock radio is fine, but it's annoying to set/change alarms and times.  It also just does radio, which means I can't pick what I wake up to like I could if it did mp3s.  I haven't done any research here, but if there's a good replacement out there, that would be awesome.
  • Camera Accessories - Specifically...
  • Molcajete - It's basically a special kind of mortar & pestle from Mexico, made of porous volcanic rock.  It's great for making guacamole.  STores like Crate & Barrel probably have them.  They look like this.
  • Anything else you think I'd enjoy.  Christmas surprises are rarely a bad thing.


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