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Amy Christmas 2009

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Amy's Christmas Wish List 2009


(Johnathan's list can be found here.)


Once again, I’m not really in need of very much.  This means people will complain that my list is short and unhelpful, but my comeback is that it means you have to be creative! :)




  • This year it may not be a good idea to get me much in the way of clothing.  I'm wearing maternity stuff now, but in nigh on 10 weeks (as of this moment) Bean will be born, and hopefully within a few months after that, I'll be back into my regular stuff.  However, since I will probably want to do a bit of shopping once that happens, I’m always happy to get gift cards to any CF mall, Gap, Banana Republic, or Reitman’s.



Things That Aren’t Needed But Might Be Nice


  • Books
    • Books on cooking meals ahead of time and freezing them are interesting to me right now, in preparation for when Bean gets here.  You may have to flip through them to see which ones are good, since I don't actually know which ones are good and which ones are not.  Here are a few you can look at:
    • I'm enjoying the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella - I only have the first book, any of the other ones would be great (or any other Sophie Kinsella, I like her writing so far)
    • I like gardening books, mostly Canadian vegetable gardening, but only because I know a little about vegetables, and absolutely nothing about flowers.  Not that I wouldn't like to learn, I definitely would!  I'm also very interested in organic gardening in particular.  Here are some suggestions:
    • I'm also into fun homemaking books like:
    • I'm really not sure how much time I'll have to read, but I'm always up for interesting books.  I love history, biographies of historical figures, social sciencey stuff, and so on.
  • DVDs
    • I've been told that while I'm on mat leave and waiting for Bean to show up, I'm going to want to do things to keep my mind off the fact that Bean STILL hasn't come yet, and one of the things suggested to me (besides books) is watching seasons of TV shows on DVD.  So, if they're not terribly expensive, I'm interested in the following shows (I don't have any of the seasons, so it's best to start with Season 1):
      • Mad Men
      • Heroes
      • The Tudors
      • Rome
  • Games
    • Sims 3: World Adventures (PC)
    • Wii Sports Resort
  • Colourful and fun serving dishes and bowls
  • Things that will make the last couple months of my pregnancy more comfortable and nice - gift certificate for a pedicure, for example.  I'll admit, my pregnancy has been really fantastic so far, and I've been lucky because I haven't had much discomfort.  Sure, I'm not at my biggest, most awkward point yet, but I haven't had it so bad.  But, people want ideas, so there you go.
  • Experiences are always great, whether it be something I can do on my own, with my darling husband, or with my family.  Remember that if they're particularly physical, it's going to be hard for me to do for a while :)
  • Magazine subscriptions - Martha Stewart, Craft Magazine



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