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Amy Christmas 2008

Page history last edited by Amy Nightingale 11 years, 7 months ago

Amy’s Wish List 2008


(Johnathan's list is over here)



I’m not really in need of very much, I don’t think. I know that makes for a boring Christmas list, and I know that I’m not being particularly helpful, but honestly, I don’t need much.




  • As with last year, I’m in need of long sleeve, non-sweatshirt, non-fleece, casual shirts. If it’s wearable as both casual and “business casual”, all the better. I don’t do turtlenecks. Size XL will be the most likely size to work.
  • I’m always happy to get gift cards to any CF mall, Gap, Banana Republic, or Reitman’s, if you can’t find anything you think I might like.
  • Socks – this time I’m looking for good old black and neutral socks. No need to be toe socks, short ankle socks, or socks with puffs on the back. Also, I need knee socks.
  • I need a pair of gloves that aren't too thick, maybe just cotton or something. I bought a toque from the Bay that Johnathan can help you match with if you want to find the matching gloves.
  • Another repeat from last year, I’m trying to fill out my accessories selection (earrings and necklaces that I can wear to work), if you see something pretty, and most importantly, hypoallergenic, go for it.


Things That Aren’t Needed But Might Be Nice


  • Books
    • I don’t have anything in mind, really. I enjoy world history, or biographies about historical figures (I’m not so interested in biographies about living people). I haven’t read many of the classic novels that I really should have read by now. You can always ask Johnathan what I already have, if you’re not sure. If you’ve read a good book that you think I might like (especially if it’s fiction - I’m more into fiction than non-fiction), I’m happy to give it a try. You could also try some of the literary awards lists as inspiration.
    • Smart books about climate change and so forth.  I don't have any in mind, but maybe Johnathan can help, he tends to have a substantial reading list.
  • DVDs
    • I'm always interested in interesting movies – like last year, if there’s a movie you think I really should watch, I’m all ears (eyes?). Like books, I haven’t seen a lot of classic movies either, although I did get a few last year, so please enquire with Johnathan.
    • So You Think You Can Dance, any season.  I don't even know if these exist, but they would bring me great joy
  • Games for the Wii
    • Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party (I don’t think need a dance mat, I already have one that should work)
    • Animal Crossing: City Folk
    • Rock Band Track Pack 2
    • MySims Kingdom
    • Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility


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