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Johnathan Christmas 2010

Page history last edited by Johnathan Nightingale 9 years, 7 months ago

Really, truly, honestly:

I don't need anything except for my family to be happy and safe.


Don't overspend in an attempt to make me happy,

don't wear yourself out on my behalf.

Merry Christmas


If you insist on buying something despite the above disclaimer, here are some general and unstructured thoughts.




I still like taking pictures, and I've done enough of it now to know that I want to get better at basically all of it. I also have a near-complete lack of knowledge about the history of photography, or the study of it, I haven't even spent much time looking at the masters. So:


  • Books about how to be a better photographer in general. (I'm told The Art Of Photography is great, and just came back into print, but I'd take basically anything, I have plenty to learn).
  • Books specifically how to do better:
    • Landscapes photography (I'm just terrible, here)
    • Architecture photography (ditto)
    • People/Portraiture
    • "Street" photography
    • Some other kind of photography
    • Lighting
  • Books with photos and especially analysis from major fixtures in photography like
    • Ansel Adams
    • Diane Arbus
    • Annie Liebovitz
    • Alfred Eisenstaedt 
    • As well as general survey books on fine art photography
  • In terms of actual photography hardware, things tend to get pretty expensive pretty quickly, but the stuff on my "eventually" list right now includes:
    • Kenko extension tubes (for Nikon lens mount)
    • 35mm lens




  • Dress Shirts. Taste here can be finicky, but I'm a fan of well-constructed, attractive dress shirts. I'm not asking you to buy me $200 shirts. I am listing these brands because they tend to make things I like, in case it helps you get a sense for what *other* shirts might work. Or just buy something you think would look nice. In all cases, I'm a 16 1/2 collar, 36-37 sleeve (which is a "long" sleeve - regular length sleeves won't fit)
  • I need more ties, I only have a few credible, modern ones. I know ties are as impossible as shirts to buy for someone else, and have even less advice to offer except maybe to stick to single-colour ties with classic tone-on-tone patterns (paisley, check, stripes) or even just a textured weave.





I normally have a long list of books each year, but this year with Lily around my reading list has stagnated and when I want a new book, I quickly snag it on kindle and it never makes it to my list. I'd refer you back to the photography section.


You know what, though - any book from this list would be good, too. I have maybe 5 or 6 of them, but if it comes with a gift receipt, I'll swap it for one on the list that I don't have. I'd eventually like to read all of these. (The ones I already have are Carnegie, Allen, Gonzales, and Berkun)






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